Witherspoon Whiskey

At Witherspoon Distillery, we make whiskies you’re proud to claim as your own. Handcrafted and barrel-aged in the heart of Texas, we take pride in making every sip an experience to be savored.

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Straight Bourbon Whiskey

“Silky smooth”, “creamy” and “refined” are just a few words used to describe our Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Measuring at 100 proof, this bold spirit is a perfect representation of its deep Texas roots. With a high corn mash bill, this sipping whiskey is best enjoyed neat. And if we may be so bold, we highly recommend two fingers, sipped on your front porch while admiring one of our beautiful Texas sunsets.

Witherspoon's Single Malt

Our highly coveted limited release single malt whiskey is truly a delight for the senses. With a lightly toasted butterscotch aroma and hints of winter fruits, this beautiful whiskey is sweet on the front, and warm and malty on the back. From start to finish, our whiskey is delicate and smooth


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White Dog

Our unaged whiskey, brought to you in its natural state and at 125 proof. This bold spirit allows our high corn mash bill to really shine. Come by for a sample, since this spirit is only available directly from Witherspoon Distillery.




Witherspoon Cocktail Series

The Witherspoon Whiskey Cocktail Series is here! The Old Fashioned, our first in the series, is the perfect combination of straight bourbon, sweetness, bitter, orange and just a hint of cherry. Sip neat or on the rocks!

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Double Cask Project

These precious gems are a part of our very limited release specialty-finished bourbon series, known as our double cask project. First released in the fall of 2017, our port-finished and sherry-finished bourbon (both 108 proof) are the perfect marriage between our smooth corn-heavy bourbon, and the full-bodied and powerful flavors imparted by the port (Portugal) and sherry (Spain) casks.

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Witherspoon Bourbon Cream

The perfect combination of smooth straight bourbon and delectable sweet cream... Rich and delicious, it’s perfect on its own, over ice or in coffee. Pour it over ice cream, root beer, cream soda, or for a true Texas treat, try it with Dr. Pepper!